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Motorised Blinds

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A motorised roller blind can bring simplicity to any lifestyle, integrating state-of-the-art engineering with your daily needs. As you explore Rollease Acmeda’s premium automated blinds, awnings, and internal and external roller solutions, you will begin to see the ease that is provided by a motorised blind. However, Rollease Acmeda promises more than just that. 

Rollease Asmeda offers not just expert design, but allows you to more thoroughly enjoy the first moments of your day. With automated curtains, you can awake to the warmth of the sun's light and not to the buzz of an alarm. You can say goodbye to bleary eyed struggles with a flimsy curtain rod, and say good morning to the sleek and gentle Automate C Series. Automate your curtains, and enjoy those easy mornings.

It isn’t all about ease as Rollease Acmeda also provides safety. Block out the world and lock out intruders with the Automate FT15 (Fabric Tension), a motorised roller blind that boasts 3 different settings to cater for your specific needs. The FT Mode setting provides an ultra-Lock and initiates automatic fabric tensioning, the E-type setting is used for standard use and the manual FT Mode is used to work alongside conventional locking systems.

Rollease Asmeda has expertly programmed this motorised blind solution to be customisable to the needs of the user with the ‘intermediate’ setting, which sets the best position for the blind.

Throughout the week you look forward to truly relaxing. This may look like a late breakfast with the family, spending time in the pool, or spending alone time reading in your garden. What it doesn’t look like is you struggling to unwind and unfold your shade cover. The A50 Motor series leaves that struggle behind and allows you to enjoy and truly relax.

Find your motorised blinds solution at Custom Blinds, where expertise meets your needs.

With a maximum width of 2.2m width or drop of 2.4m and weight capacity of 2.4kgs this is a highly effective motorised solution for the home. The Magic Wand 700 series also offers flexibility with the option of right or left hand operation. Some of its features include:

 • Child safe
 • No installation wiring required
 • Electronic limit setting to stop blind at highest and lowest point
 • Sleek aesthetics for ease of use 
 • Right or left hand reverse rolled operation 
 • Battery life: 6-12 months 
 • Warning sound when battery charge is low 
 • Minimum blind width 360mm (with open cassette 460mm) 
 • Weight Capacity: 2.4kgs (approx. 2.2m x 2.4m using Louvolite Carnival fabric)
 • 2 Year Warranty

700-remote.jpg 700-monitor.jpg  want-control.jpg

The Lithium 1100 series benefits from complete ease of use and economical maintenance with its rechargeable battery. The sleek remote quietly and conveniently controls up to 5 blinds from anywhere in the room. This luxurious motorised solution has the capacity to operate wider blinds up to 2.5m wide and 2.9m drop. Features include:
  • Child safe
  • Sophisticated technology at your fingertips
  • Sleek aesthetics enhance the ease of use
  • No installation wiring required
  • Remote control operation - up to 5 blinds separately or simultaneously
  • Electronic stop setting
  • Uses 35mm or 40mm tube.
  • Battery life: 6-12 months (easily recharged)
  • Minimum blind width 455mm (with open cassette 460mm)
  • Weight Capacity: 3.0kgs (approx. 2.5m x 2.7m using Louvolite® Carnival fabric)
 • 2 Year Warranty

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Motorised Blinds


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