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MYT Shutters

Australia's newest range of high quality shutters

All MYT Shutters materials are sourced from eco-friendly channels, and are constantly manufactured in energy efficient ways to reduce our carbon footprint. The timber that is sourced is harvested from responsible and sustainable plantations, to benefit both you and the environment.

The complete range of market trending colors are available and on display in our local Perth showroom. MYT Shutters are safe and non-toxic which makes the materials perfect for pets, anyone with allergies and asthma and also suitable in high traffic areas.

Basswood profile:

The Basswood Series is classified as a hardwood which is lightweight yet strong with a straight and fine grain. The basswood series is ideal for both staining and painting which is why it is the best optuion for interior shutters.

Basstech Profile:

The Basstech series is a hybrid basswood frame with polymer bladers which allows the Basstech to offer enhanced functionality with thermal properties. The Basstech series is optimised for durability and MYT Shutters offers you a wide range of colour and finishes and frames which is assembled with expertise and care from sustainably sourced materials to suit your style and needs.

Paulownia Profile: 

Paulownia series is classed as a sustainable hardwood with an eco-frindly grown timber which is durable, lightweight wood with a fine grain and beautiful natural wood grain. The Paulownia series comes in a silken golden colour with excellent insulation properties.

MYT Shutters offers you a diverse painted and stained colours for the Paulownia series, ensuring the natural authentic wood grain does not get diminished in the process.

Cedar Profile:

The Cedal series is a lightweight prestigious timber that offers the most balance and stable timber in the world with excellent thermal and acoustic properties. The Cedar series is moisture resistent with a rich wood texture that has a natural cedar scent. 

Duratech Profile:

The Hybrid cedar frame with polymer blades which offers enhanced functionality and thermal properties which is optimised for durability.

Aluminium Profile:

The advanced manufacturing techniques of the Aluminium series has allowed the Aluminium series to be the most robust shutter in our range. Locks provide comfort and peace of mind with exceptional durability with a low maintenance design. The Aluminium series offers a 10 year warranty on powder coating.

To maintain your shutters, a regular dusting or vacuuming is recommended. Any grubby marks can be cleaned using mild soapy water and then wiped dry.

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