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Seaview Shutters


At Custom Blinds we carry the latest technology in all shutter blinds. Our seaview window shutters are made with the finest grade basswood and built to last. Make us your one stop shop for all Seaview shutters and call today for a free quote.

Premium Basswood Shutters by Custom Blinds WA

Seaview premium timber plantations shutters Perth are made with the finest furniture grade basswood (Tilia Americana).

  • Seaview basswood not mdf.
  • Wont warp.
  • Wont fade.
  • Premium paint finishes by Dulux.
  • Can be custom painted.
  • Suitable for wide panel up to 950mm.
  • Blade options 63mm x 89mm x 114mm.
  • Hidden tilt rod.
  • 5 Years Warranty.

The Polycore Shutter

Aluminium Extrusion Technology 
After several years of research and development we successfully mastered the fine art of co-extrusion, combining POLY and an aluminium core.

Today we are the only solid synthetic company that is vertically integrated, whereas we extrude, paint, fabricate, and distribute our Polycore shutters in Perth. All of our rails, stiles, and louvers are reinforced with an aluminium core. In the fabrication process we screw the rail and stile together with two 3/16” X 3’ self tapping screws in each corner of the panels. These corners prevent the panels from racking, thus creating the strongest panels in the industry today. The aluminium reinforced louvers prevent sagging in wider panels, where Polycore can reach 900mm in width.

Water-Based Paint For Shutters Coating
Seaview polystyrene use only water-base coatings. A water-based coating provides an extremely durable finish, protects the environment (zero / virtually zero V.O.C.) and safeguards your family’s health (contains absolutely NO LEAD ADDITIVES). Have peace of mind with our long lasting durable finishes that offer product quality assurance. Blades 64mm, 88mm and 114mm.

Not All shutters are the same - Seaview Shutters are the leaders in shutter technology, simply the best.

  • Carbon / glass fibre reinforced polymer.
  • Won’t crack chip on warp.
  • Moisture resistant.
  • Fire retardant.
  • UV resistant.
  • Termite resistant.
  • Anti-bacterial.
  • Low VOC.
  • Hinged – bi-fold on sliding.
  • White – bright white and pearl.
  • 5 Years warranty.

5 year guarantee of workmanship

We happily warrant the workmanship and manufacture of our shutters for 5 years, which covers any fault relating to the construction of the shutter panels and frame. Our basswood shutters are assembled using a mortice and tenon join, then glued and screwed for added durability, giving added peace of mind for the longevity of our product.

5 year finish guarantee

The painted/printed finish on our basswood and fauxwood shutters is guaranteed not to crack, peel, or bubble for a period of five years. This five year period also covers our product against warping, twisting or bowing, along with any defects relating to hardware. Fading visible by the naked eye is also covered in this 5 years period.

We do a standard range which has a 2 Years Warranty.

20 Year Warranty for Seaview Polycore Shutters

To maintain your shutters, a regular dusting or vacuuming is recommended. Any grubby marks can be cleaned using mild soapy water and then wiped dry.

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Seaview Shutters


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