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Roller Blinds - Motorisation from $199

The roller blind is one of our most popular blinds due to its practicality and smooth operation, it’s extremely versatile with a wide range of fabrics, colours and textures to pick from. You can match it to suit almost any taste in decor.

Let the Custom Blinds family take care of yours with our roller blind solutions. We service all over Perth with our showroom North of the River. Chat with someone from our friendly team, about your new roller blind installment.

NEW! Here at Custom Blinds WA we have introduced the new Zero Gravity one touch roller blind - Enquire today!

Our roller blinds operate on the sophisticated Acmeda mechanism and have the option to be installed on a standard bracket system, a dual bracket system, a linked roller blind system, a motorized system, a theatre cassette system or on our revolution one touch system. All our roller blinds, both indoor and outdoor blinds, are now also using stainless steel chains instead of nickel plated chains.

Types of Roller Blinds Include:

  • Blockout - These indoor blinds are great for bedrooms, theatre rooms or any room in the house that you wish to block out the sun.
  • Sheer - These indoor blinds are perfect for filtering through natural sun light into rooms where you don’t want to darken the room but still want your blinds to pa sense of privacy. We have many ranges of indoor blinds in our translucent fabrics that look stunning in windows when the sunlight passes through them and lights up the blind and the room.
  • Sunscreen - There are many benefits of using a sunscreen roller blind. These blinds offer the option of retaining your view of the outside world during the day, whilst no one will be able to see inside your home. The sunscreen roller blind has the added bonus of reducing the glare of the sunlight without destroying your view. You can also team the sunscreen roller blind with a block out roller blind to create a 'day-night indoor blind', that can reduce 85% of the sun’s heat and up to 99% of UV rays.
  • Day / Night- This indoor roller blind option is fantastic for living/dining areas where you would like to be able to keep your view of your backyard but also maintain privacy and protect your home against the sun. As mentioned above, the sunscreen roller blind offers protection from harmful UV Rays with the added luxury of having your view intact. During the day no one is able to see into your home, however at night they have the reverse effect, with people outside will be able to see inside. So why not team it up with a beautiful sunblock roller blind for extra privacy. Pull it down at night and block anyone's view into your home and during the day you can roll it back up to show your sunscreen roller blind. It’s as simple as that.
  • NEW!! Wirefree- This new product from Acmeda is 100% wire-free motorisation and requires no electrical connection. The wire-free motor is powered by a low consumption 12V motor. With our wireless sun sensor, you can provide better protection against the sun. The sun sensor automatically closes your blinds when the sunlight hits the window, even if nobody is at home.
  • Theatre Cassette - This indoor roller blind is specifically designed for a theatre room (or any room you wish to have completely darkened) to create complete darkness. It involves a blockout roller blind that is installed into a frame which sits into the window recess and covers the gaps at the side and top of the blind where light would normally penetrate the room.
  • Motorisation- The motorisation of rollers blinds is quickly growing in demand. Most of our blinds – indoor and outdoor – can be motorised, which adds a touch of sophistication to any room or area. We carry a full range of Alpha products. We also offer battery operated motorisation, which does not require additional electricians! Ask one of our friendly team members today for more information on this amazing product.

PLEASE NOTE: Sheer, light filtering and sunscreen fabric may change in colour and texture when exposed to direct sunlight. Please ensure you have had a check the fabric once it is exposed sunlight and your happy with the look.


PLEASE NOTE: All widths depends on the maximum widths of the selected fabric. Whilst fabrics can be railroaded, this is not recommended and will void any warranty on the roller blinds. Hence it is important to think twice before railroading.  

Window Front & Normal Roll

  • Front Roll- This is ideal for customers who prefer to not see the roll at the top of their windows. For front rolled blinds, the fabric rolls off the front of the tube and is hidden behind the fabric. In RECESS applications, it provided the added bonus of allowing a little extra clearance for clearing window handles. When ordering Front Roll, be careful of mounting your blind on the face of the wall. Mounting your blind in such a way will result in much larger gaps in your roll, as the fabric will not be as close to the wall, as compared to back rolled blinds.  
  • Back Roll- This is the most popular way of allowing the fabric to hang off a roller blind tube. Back rolled blinds keep the fabric as close to the window as possible and keeps the fabric as close to the wall as possible when the blinds are face mounted, resulting in the most optimal heating and light reflection for your home. It is also important to look out for any handles on the blinds, because if fabric were to come off the back of the tube, the fabric may hit the window handle or hinges. Therefore, if this were the case you should install the blind further away from the wall or order a front rolled blind.

Sunboss premium 10 Years
Acmeda standard 2 Years

Routine Care

A regular hand held vacuum with low suction is recommended for routine care of your roller blind fabric. When vacuuming, avoid pulling or stretching the fabric. Rigorous vacuuming is not recommended, as this can distort the fabric.

Cleaning Method

When needed, your roller blinds should be cleaned by gently blotting them with a soft damp cloth or sponge, using warm soapy water that is mildew resistant. Be careful to not apply too much pressure to the blinds. We also recommend to test Fabric Magic (9452 2644) on a small, inconspicuous part of the fabric first.

Please Note: Up to 20mm gap on the sides or bottom of the roller blinds is acceptable. When fitting blinds in corner windows there WILL always be gaps. Please ask for details if you are unsure. We also recommend an acrylic chain as metal chains are not as strong and can quite often break.

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