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6/09/2019 | 0 comments

Most home owners can be intimidated when they are spoilt by choice with different design options for shutters and window coverings. The wide range of materials, colours and design specifications have been created dependent on the style and functionality required. To help make the choice easier, we break down the information and the pro's and con's of the materials that offered in the current market.

Plantation Shutters have been a famous window fitting for a considerable length of time. They are a popular option that add style and an extra layer of "lux" to a home. Shutters are accessible in various materials, each with their own focal points and disadvantages depending on the desired look and feel of a room . Given the assortment of decisions, it's essential to comprehend what material will work best for your home, way of life and spending plan. 


Classic wooden style shutters have been around for quite a long time and keep on being used and chosen as a popular decision of material for most family homes. Conventional woods that are utilized in wooden shutters are basswood and polar because of their sturdiness and expressive style and appeal. Wooden screens can be molded, painted and recolored from multiple points of view and add a timeless taste of elegeance to the home. 

The drawback of wooden shades is that there are a few areas of the home where they just won't work. They can't deal with delayed introduction to dampness as it harms and twists the material after some time, making them not suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. Wooden screens can likewise split and blur when presented to the moist climates of a home. 


Aluminum shutters are suitable for both old and new style homes, offering toughness with almost no upkeep required. They are extremely light in weight and can be utilised both inside and outside of the home. The quality of the screens do not break down after time as it can with wood, which means that you don't need to have any issues over the reliability of your fittings 

Unfortunately, aluminum can be a poor window fitting because of its warmth and heat exposure which can be lost through the screens outline. It's likewise critical to take note that oxidation normally happens after some time with aluminum. This implies the material is powerless to rust and consumption if measures are not taken to stop electrolysis


PVC can be a popular option to fabricate your screens. It's a hard wearing material that won't experience any breakdown or blurring after some time. In contrast to wood, PVC is totally water safe and it is the ideal material options for shades in any piece of the home. 

PVC shades offer a cutting edge and smooth look, appropriate to your modern day homes. PVC shutters are stylishly satisfying and versatile, they likewise give ideal protection. The material is built to trap daylight and warmth without expanding in temperature themselves. They keep the warmth out and guarantee your house is comfortable. 

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