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Best Trends of 2019 - Your guide to Shutters and Blinds

24/09/2019 | 0 comments
Best Trends of 2019 - Your guide to Shutters and Blinds

As we get close to closing the door on 2019 we wanted to recap on the design styles and trends that have been flooding the market this year. In any design niche styles and trends are currently coming in and out depending on the needs and design requirements on our clients. We are going to list just a couple of the trends that have come out this year that will continue into the summer months and throughout the early part of 2020. 

As the Shutters, Blinds and Curtains market continue to increase in popularity due to home owners looking into DIY options, retailers are getting flooded with design concepts, inspiration and colour choices. With information readily available to most home owners it is extremely easy to put together vision boards, style ideas and even go into design studios where you can put all the designs together to get a visual impression. Shutters and Blinds continue to make an impact on Perth homes with most home owners heading into local stores for free design consultations where they can be as bold or conservative as they would like. 

What were some of the biggest Blinds and Shutters Trends in Perth this year?

Image result for contrast curtains
Contrasting Curtains

Contrasting curtains made a strong appearance this year with a dominant splash of colour with a contrasting conservative appeal. Most commonly seen with fairly neutral colours as this is easier to pair with the fixtures and fittings of your room.

Image result for austrian shades

Austrian Shades

Austrian shades have seen a comeback this year along with a lot of what was previously referred to a "historic" style from "back in the day". This design was typically targeted to a higher end market or a typical post war style home. 

Image result for eclectic blinds

Eclectic Blinds 

Eclectic Blinds made a big impact this year with most home owners keeping a fairly neutral colour scheme within their room and using the Eclectic Blinds to be a feature of the room.

Image result for floor to ceiling blinds

Floor to ceiling blinds

Floor to ceiling blinds in Perth were one of the biggest design trends in 2019 as this didnt require any fancy materials, styles or huge outlay. With a simple tweak of an existing design and legnthened to suit your roof height, these floor to ceiling blinds made a significant impact to the size and feel of most rooms. 

As we approach 2020 new design styles and concepts will continue to be created, be sure to follow us closely as we try to keep our followers up to date.

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