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Trending window treatments this Spring

17/10/2018 | 0 comments
Trending window treatments this Spring

If you’re looking to finish off the spring season by adding a fresh new range of window treatments to your home than we are going to show you the top trending window treatments from this Spring. Hanging new curtains and blinds within your home can give your home a real do-over without having to do a full scale renovation. See the current trending design features below:

Metallic finishes are back!

Metallic finishes have now officially gone the full circle, they were once a very popular design feature and then fizzled away to nothing. No-one ever wanted to see a metallic window covering ever again, that is until now. Gold and copper are currently the leading choice for metallic styled window coverings as they tend to add a touch of sparkle to your home and living area. The colour tones also tend to provide a warmer room instantly.


Utilise your neutrals

If you are thinking that neutral window coverings are a simple beige or tan coloured window covering than think again. Most ranges now come with an extremely wide range of colour options for you to choose from, this also includes the range of neutral colours. Now, more than ever, styling a window with neutral tones and colour choices is now easier than ever. Neutral tones can usually compliment any colour palette whether it be a new concept or an existing design. Charcoal grey is now becoming one of the most chosen darker window covering as it can be styled so elegantly in a variety of ways.


Popular Pastels

Bright and bold colour choices have now been and gone, most customers tend to be selecting a not so “in your face” colour option by utilising pastel tones and colours within their design concepts. Pastel colour options offer customers the choice of simplicity but also a delicate contrast within your room. Pastels can be paired with almost any neutral shade to give you that added contrast. Pastels are also a good option for customers who are looking to create a layered window effect.


If you’re wanting to bring that added excitement back to your living areas, come in and see us today so we can show you the widest range of styles and designs that you will be sure to love.

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