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Choosing the right window treatments for your space

5/10/2018 | 0 comments
Choosing the right window treatments for your space

Transforming your home can be as easy as selecting the right window treatment based on the location that it’s in. With more options than ever before, selecting the right window treatment for your home can be daunting for the people who do not know exactly what they want or need. In this article we are going to examine some of the most popular and versatile window treatments options, paying special attention to that age-old question: What’s the right window covering for my room?


Curtains or Drapes


Curtains and drapes can be the overall heroes of your interior design. They are versatile enough that they can block out harsh sunlight, visibility to the neighbours and they can set the overall mood of a room.


When you are considered to use curtains in a room it is important to think about the function of the room. A curtain can be problem solver providing that you are asking the right question. Does the room have too much light or not enough? Are you trying to save on heating and cooling costs? The list goes on.


Before you make a decision on functionality you will firstly need to consider the following: colour, fabric, hardware type needed to mount the curtains and your window shape. All of these options will determine what’s a better fit for your window.


Panel Blinds


Panel blinds are ideal for bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms. They are best suited to any rooms that have large windows, sliding glass doors or french doors. They tend to have a lengthening effect and can make these spaces look more inviting and spacious.


Once again, consider the mood you are trying to set in the room. If you are looking to set a more private mood  or environment than a darker tone will usually give this effect. Whereas if you are looking to lighten up a room than lighter colour options will usually respond the best.


Sheer Blinds

Sheers tend to come in a variety of colours and designs and will usually be a fairly light and airy material. Sheer blinds can be used on their own or even with a heavier material to balance the overall covering. Using a sheer curtain paired with a heavier drape or curtain will give you the flexibility to offer more privacy and light within the room.


Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds offer you a variety of woods and finishes with different finish types. Wooden blinds can typically be used in living areas instead of in kitchen and bedrooms because they tend to be too bulky or heavy for a room.


Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are usually used to create a perspective of tall windows and doors. Vertical blinds will typically be found to dress patio and balcony doors. Both fabric and vinyl materials along with colours and materials allow you to customise and pick the perfect option based on your taste and styling needs.


How do you decide?

We understand that there are a number of options to consider and that window treatments can be a real investment and time consuming task. No amount of research will beat stepping into a retail store where you can experience professional service and advice. We specialise in dealing with clients on a day to day basis so we know what finishes work best depending on the environment that it’s in.



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