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Get Your Alfresco Ready for Summer

30/10/2017 | 0 comments
Get Your Alfresco Ready for Summer

With the warmer weather already here it’s clear that summer is approaching fast. So it’s definitely time to get into gear and get our Alfrescos ready for summer, don’t you think?. We thought so too so we got our team together and have compiled a list of our top tips for designing your Alfresco.

Plants bring a great sense of life to an Alfresco. No matter the size a nice arrangement of plants in some stylish pots will inject a much needed sense of welcoming to your outdoor space. For our unique climate succulents work best because they love the warmer weather but do like some shade (which is perfect for an Alfresco).

This years’ BBQ season would be ruined without some great outdoor furniture. Trends we have noticed right now are big wooden tables with accompanying bench seats which are a great way to squish extra people in when you don’t have enough chairs! Other than this, and if you have the space our favourite idea is a small table and chair setting close to the edge of your alfresco. They’re perfect for breakfasts in the sunshine and also the perfect spot for a cheeky afternoon nap.

Perth and Australia have the best lifestyle when it comes to outdoor living but it comes at a price, the sun. We need to protect our skin from the sun at all costs, without ruining the summer atmosphere and our answer to this? ZipTrak blinds Perfect for our Australian climate ZipTrak blinds aren’t your standard outdoor blinds. They are easy to operate which takes out all of the hard work, plus when you don’t want to use them they are completely hidden. And when they are down, they are secured by a guided track that locks into place at the bottom and a huge plus is that they’re incredibly stylish.

If you need more tips or have any questions, contact us today!

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