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Wood vs. Synthetic Shutters

3/10/2016 | 0 comments
Wood vs. Synthetic Shutters

When deciding what sort of shutters you want to suit your needs, Custom Blinds provides two main options to consider - wood or synthetic shutters. As shutters are generally more expensive than other window coverings, it is important to know the difference between the types of shutters available. By taking just a few moments to make the right choice, you can not only save money but also enjoy the best quality shutters that are perfect for your home!

Basswood Timber

Basswood Timber shutters

Basswood timber is the most common material used for wood shutters, due to it's high stability and lightweight nature. Because of its flexibility during design the wood can be painted or stained almost any design you are after.
This form of timber, however, is limited to a maximum length of 12ft and requires more preparation time than other woods do, to achieve the perfect quality finish as the wood is very homogenous in texture and grain, resulting in wood stains that do not have much beauty in them. Unlike other shutter materials, Basswood is also not as water resistant and is not recommended for high moisture environments.

Foamed Synthetics

Foamed synthetic shutters

Foamed synthetic shutters, generally regarded as the best quality of all synthetic shutters, are incredibly durable as they are water and fire resistant, non-toxic and provide excellent insulation for to your home. Top quality foamed synthetic shutters are commonly reinforced with an inner aluminium frame for greater stability and typically have beautiful finishes that most closely resemble wood shutters.
However, when compared to wood shutters, they are heavier, and more limited in their design options, as they cannot be custom stained and only have maximum shutter lengths of 8 ft.  

At Custom Blinds we carry the latest technology in all shutters. Contact us today for a free quote!

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