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Conserve Energy with the Right Window Treatments

30/11/2017 | 0 comments
Conserve Energy with the Right Window Treatments

We all know that the point of windows is to let in natural light and add some ambiance to a room. When you think about it though, all the glass in your home is also letting in the harsh summer heat which means when you get home from work everyday the first thing you will do is turn on the air-conditioning resulting in a potentially sky-high power bill.

Since Summer is right around the corner we thought it would be the right time to share some tips on how the right blinds and curtains in Perth can dramatically reduce your power bills.

Tip 1 - Creating a Barrier

Of course, double or triple glazing is a great way to reduce heat transfer in and out of your home however if your house doesn’t already have this it is expensive to install. Instead you can create a heat barrier transfer with blackout roller blinds and curtains for our Perth climate.

Roller blinds are a very stylish and practical way to keep out the sun's rays when you’re not at home. Using them is as simple as pulling using a cord to either lift or lower the blind. They also look great when you layer them with sheer curtains like we have touched on before. Further to this, if you have a large window, blackout curtains are also a great option and can also be layered with sheer curtains.

You also have the choice of shutters and venetians that will let you manipulate the angle of which they are opened. So if you want to let a tiny bit of light during the day you can!

Tip 2 - Open and Close Your Blinds at the Right Times.

Selecting the right window treatment is not the only thing you need to know as knowing when to open and close your blinds is equally important. Be sure to pay attention to what side of your house the sun is on so you can open and close your blinds and curtains accordingly. You can also investigate what the time of day that the sun's rays are the strongest so you know what times of the day and what rooms you should close your blinds and curtains. By doing this greatly improve the temperature of your home.

Get in touch with our team today to talk about blinds and curtains in Perth. Don’t forget that we can bring the showroom to you!

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