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Premium shutters in Perth - Know the difference

13/06/2018 | 0 comments
Premium shutters in Perth - Know the difference

When you're looking for premium shutters in Perth it is important to know the differences between the different styles and designs before purchasing any shutters to go into your home. Like any purchase there can be a significant difference between the design, functionality and of course, costs.

We consider our products to offer the trifecta when it comes to design, functionality and costs. Our selection of premium shutters in Perth are suitable for any location within your home and they also come with a range of added bonuses such as:

·         20 years workmanship guarantee
·         10 year finish guarantee
·         Waterproof, fire retardant and termite proof, and
·         Clearview tilt rod options
To be considered as a premium shutter supplier in Perth, we wanted to make sure that our product was built to last. To honour this, our Seaview 900 Polyshutter has an extensive 20 year warranty which is one of the longest warranty periods within the industry. We also understand that as a home owner, there are many different locations within your home that you may want to install shutters. To ensure that our premium range of shutters are suitable to any location within your home, they have been designed to be waterproof, fire retardant and termite proof. The non-porous surface is the perfect choice for bathrooms, kitchens and high humidity areas. The premium shutter design will not rust, crack, hold mildew or warp.
The Clearview tilt rod options is one of the newest technologies that have been implemented into the premium range of shutters. Previously, older designs would scratch and wiggle out the screws over time which would then cause the shutters break and hang loosely, preventing the whole design from doing what it is designed to do. The clearview tilt rod is designed to not scratch any screws and to work similar to a cog that is a streamlined design with flawlessly simple usage. This design is a significant upgrade and minimalizes any potential damage to your shutters and removes any screw in techniques that could break over time.
If you’re wanting to know more about our premium shutters in Perth, please feel free to come into our showroom to view the full range and see the endless capabilities. Or, view our range of Premium Shutters online. 

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