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How to keep your home warm this winter with the right blinds

21/07/2019 | 0 comments
How to keep your home warm this winter with the right blinds

Colder months will typically revert most home owners to using heting methods which in turn, increase power costs to get your home to the most comfortable temperatures. The way that you insulate your home with the right window covers can make a huge difference in both the summer and winter time while allowing heat to be blocked during the summer time and keeping the heat in during winter. 

Can blinds really keep you warm during winter? 

During the winter period, this is one of the most common questions that we get asked. During this period homeowners are shocked with increased power consumption and heating costs, we recommend all of our customers to first look at their window furnishings when they are looking to regulate the termperature within their homes. Your windows can cause up to a 40% heat loss so adding the right type of window covering can add a significant amount of warmth to your home.

What sort of blinds can provide warmth?

While blinds with slats typically provide great heat control during summer, they can be a little less effective during the winter period. Roller blinds or Roman blinds will usually be a better option if your home gets quite cold or doesnt get a lot of natural warmth. The type of fabric that you use is also somethign to consider, most options available will include a thermal option which is a great choice for homes that are cold year round. 

As an alternative to using thermal fabrics, blockout blinds could be a great in between solution which will provide a great level of privacy and they are a thick enough barrier between the window and your room. 

If energy efficiency is your biggest concern than Honeycomb blinds have long cells which are highly effective at trapping cold air from the window and prevents it from leaking into your home and the extra light is always a great option during the winter months. 


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