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Keep the summer heat out with these blinds

2/02/2020 | 0 comments
Keep the summer heat out with these blinds

Summer is well and truly here and whilst we would all love to live in air conditioning for the next 3 months, some houses dont have this luxury and the ones that do unfortunately have to front up extreme electricity charges. If your house doesnt get that lovely sea breeze on a constant hot summer day, there are things that you can do around your house to reduce the impact of the summer heat.

So how does so much heat get into your house? There are two main ways that this occurs - through the heat radiating off your roof and sun shining on your windows. The sun shining on the windows is greatly welcomed during the winter periods however, in Summer, that heat can cause the temperature to rise in your house hold by extreme temperatures which makes your house uncomfortable and leads you to resorting to using an airconditioner. The heat doesn't just increase the temperature, it also causes damage to fabrics and furniture that are placed next to high heated areas.

If you are wanting to reduce the heat in your home, the best window covering to use to block out the heat would easily be block-out blinds. Block out blinds are made to withstand a strong amount of sun glare for an extended period of time whilst also dispersing the heat and reducing the amount of heat entering the room. This is essentially a problem solver for both the heat component and also the damaging of fabrics on things such as couches, dining room chairs and sometimes event carpet. 

Some people dont like putting block out blinds or curtains in their rooms due to the darkness and need for using alternative lighting. There are a number of options available to houses who prefer the natural light, the best alternative could be looking at putting coverings further away from the window. For example, most outdoor areas will typically be placed on the property to get either morning or afternoon sun and what do most homes have near their outdoor areas? A high amount of windows between the outdoor area and the inside of the house. By placing a roller blind or shutter, you will be able to easily limit the sunshine coming through whilst also redirecting the heat away from your home. 

Each home is obviously different which is why it is always best to speak with a consultant who is trained to look for things that will suit your livability, style and budget. 

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