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On Dressing Up Your Windows: The Proper Ways To Use Curtains

29/12/2015 | 0 comments
On Dressing Up Your Windows: The Proper Ways To Use Curtains

Other than repainting the walls and changing the furnishings, hanging curtains is also an easy way to give your space a new look. But there are occasions when homeowners just view these window treatments as a mere protection from the heat of the sun or other elements. Instead of trapping yourself in the same impression, see putting up curtains as a way of dressing up your windows. In this blog entry, we’re going to dispense some tips that will help you improve the way your home looks by just hanging up curtains.

The Foundations

The art of using curtains strictly follows the cardinal rules. These include placing a curtain over the blinds, layering it with swags and jabots, and using the right length of rod. Choosing the right colour is another important rule everyone should adhere to.

Just Like a Skirt

View curtains like a skirt. Shorter curtains give a more casual feel, while the longer ones can make the space appear dressier. If you want a formal and romantic feel, hang a curtain that will touch the floor. Hang longer ones to create puddles on the floor for a more elegant feel. Shorter curtains or those that hang above the window sill or trim are ideal in kitchens or rooms with small windows. A rule in interior design dictates that you don’t hang a curtain that ends at the top of the floor mouldings, as it will make the room look awkward.

Window Remedies

Not all windows are created equally beautiful. This means you should depend on using curtains and draperies to cover the imperfections and highlight the beauty. In shorter windows, attach the rods below the ceiling cornice or mouldings and hang curtains that will touch the floor. For narrow windows, attach an extra-long rod and place the curtains beyond the window’s width to make it appear wider. On the other hand, if the window is too wide, resort to layering and make sure the curtains will also touch the floor.

Curtains are not only fabrics that protect you from excessive light and heat. They’re also great design elements. With this, make sure what you will hang is only of high quality. Talk to us or browse our website for more choices of window treatments.

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