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Child Safety

10/10/2016 | 0 comments
Child Safety

Young children have died by wrapping loose curtain and blind cords or chains around their necks. In an attempt to prevent such deaths and to further educate consumers of this threat, all Custom Blinds WA blinds have been fitted with a warning device as required by federal law.

When choosing the perfect blinds for your home, we all want to choose the best quality blinds that make your house as beautiful and comfortable as possible. However it is also equally important to take into account the safety risks that blinds may present around your home, particularly for young children. 
Blinds and curtains can pose potential risks to children, such as strangulation from loose or unsecured cords. There are a number of easy-to-follow steps to put into action when it comes to blinds safety, so that you can always rest easy knowing that your children are safe around the home. 

When you purchase:
When you are buying blinds and curtains, choose ones with safe design features that:

  • Have a means to secure cords to prevent any loose loops or stands that may cause harm to children
  • Operate blinds and curtains without exposed cords/chains
  • Have warning labels to remind you of the dangers to children

When you install:
  • Ensure any loose cords/loops are not left hanging after installation when installing new blinds and curtains
  • If possible, remove looped cords by replacing the cords with tassels.  
  • Some blinds can’t operate properly without looped cords. To prevent them from being a hazard to your kids, secure these cords with either: Tie-downs (cleats) 1600mm above the ground, or Tension devices that secure cords and chain loops, which cannot form a loop of more than 220mm.
  • Always fix tie-downs and tension devices firmly to the wall or window-frame so your children can not accidentally remove it.  
  • Check all window furnishings and place all cords out of children’s reach.

Blinds with cords or chains must be installed with safety devices such as cleats and chain tensioners. These devices are provided with every Custom Blinds WA blind which has a cord or chain. Cords and chains should not be in the reach of young children, move cots and furniture away from windows.

This is a serious concern to the safety of young Australians. For more information visit the ACCC Product Safety Australia website.

Contact Custom Blinds today for child safe blinds and curtains.

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