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Blockout Roller Blinds - Know where to use them in your home

3/08/2018 | 0 comments
Blockout Roller Blinds - Know where to use them in your home

Blockout roller blinds are becoming an extremely popular blind choice for most home owners. Blockout roller blinds are the perfect mix for most homes between practicality and style.  Their minimalistic appearance will compliment any contemporary space and add a natural blend into the interior of your home. Blockout roller blinds offer an impressive range of styles and designs, depending on your needs within the home.

 Most areas within your home flourish with an abundance of natural light until the afternoon sun comes glaring in or, you're wanting the Sunday sleep-in. Blockout blinds and curtains allow you to live comfortably with the best of both worlds where you can enjoy the abundance of natural light when you want and need it or, shut it away when you don’t.


Who are blockout roller blinds for?

These blinds are usually one of the most versatile blinds currently on the market however, the ideal range of people who use blocked our blinds are:

·         Children, to prevent them from waking during the early hours of the morning.

·         Shift workers who would typically need to sleep during the daylight hours.

·         Adults who can generally have issues getting to sleep.

·         People who have a theatre room or movie room set up that could take advantage of some darkness.


Why consider blockout roller blinds for your home?


·         Privacy can be one of the biggest motivators behind blocking out light from getting into a room. This will also prevent people on the outside of your home being able to look and see inside. This makes them ideal for window coverings within your bathroom and bedroom.

·         Noise can also be reduced by installing a thicker material on your windows which will allow you to block out road noise, noise from your neighbours or any other noise that may muffle into your home.

·         Energy bills can typically be reduced by a thicker blind that can help insulate your home and bedrooms by blocking out any draughts which will allow the room to stay warmer during the winter months and let a room cool down quicker during the summer months.


Blockout roller blinds have been renowned for being one of the most versatile blinds within your home and can be typically customised and designed to be used throughout your whole home. Enjoy the many added benefits by installing blockout blinds within your home.


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