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Protecta Blinds Perth - Modern Design and Safety

4/04/2019 | 0 comments
Protecta Blinds Perth - Modern Design and Safety

Custom Blinds WA has recently become a supplier of the Protecta Blinds range and the product design and features that come included in every model are endless. When reviewing supplier products our customers are at the forefront of our mind. We review, test and critique every suppliers product to determine whether or not they are a perfect fit for our brand and our clients. If we wouldn't install it in our home then we definitely wouldn't want you to install it in yours. It's safe to say that Protecta Blinds passed our review with flying colours and we will explain more below. 

Protecta Blinds Perth have released a ranged of products to the market that offer an economical design that is modern with some extremely important safety features and customisations. Every blind is completely customisable for extended shave cover, locking mechanisms and extremely high wind ratings.

Every Protecta Awning Systems increases protection against harmful UV rays and also will reduce glare substantially. By reducing the light that comes filtering through the blind it allows for outdoor furniture and carpet to be pro-longed from the sun fading that typically happens. Although it filters light penetration we find that it is the perfect balance with keep light and glare out but still letting enough in to provide light and warmth to your covered areas.

Protecta Blinds offers side channel system that will also protect the area from bugs and insects that weren't invited. This is a perfect option for the families that like to spend time outside with their children or entertaining guests without being bothered by insects constantly hanging around. Even on the most dismal day of rain, the blinds will offer an extended level of protection against rain compared to most other brands. 

There are 3 different mechanism options for the Protecta Awning System, motorised, spring and gearbox. The motorised option is ideal for large areas where pulling down the blind would be difficult and time consuming, the spring option is perfect budget-friendly option for sizes of a medium size. The gearbox option is great for high to reach areas and for anyone who doesnt like to bend down and lift their awning systems. 

The Protecta Blinds Awning system is one of the leading design concepts currently on the market, for a full product demo and feature guide please feel free to come into our showroom. To view further information on the product, please visit the suppliers website by clicking here.


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