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Custom Blinds Mandurah - Premium curtains and blinds in Mandurah.

Custom Blinds in Mandurah provide a premium range of curtains and blinds. Our range of indoor blinds, outdoor blinds and roller blinds are perfect for any house. If you are looking for aesthetically appealing, highly functional blinds that can be adjusted according to the amount of light you wish to let into the room, your best choice is to go into Custom Blinds Mandurah


As you choose a custom fit, clean looking blind for your windows, you also have to choose the right material based on the environment, your interior d├ęcor and your specific preference. Drop into Custom Blinds Mandurah to see the many different types of blinds available in the market such as wood, faux wood, aluminium and vinyl.

Here is some information about the different types of blinds available at Custom Blinds Mandurah

  • Wooden blinds in Mandurah are very popular among home owners who prefer style, comfort and functionality. Wood blinds come in a variety of different finishes and shades. You can choose from the darker or lighter hues and from a range of painted or polished finishes. It is suitable for a country cottage, as you can go for a white painted wooden blind and window in your office room, which will look sophisticated dressed in rich walnut finish wooden blinds.
  • Faux wooden blinds in Mandurah or polymer blinds are ideal for areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. Wooden blinds in moisture prone areas, can get damaged quicker and can be difficult to maintain. Even in your living room or bedroom where you want to create a soft, romantic atmosphere, wooden blinds may not be the right choice. You can choose from an exciting range of vinyl or faux wooden blinds, that are available in many attractive shades and textures.
  • If you are looking for a blind in Mandurah that will save money for you in the long term, you can go in for the insulating blinds. These blinds effectively block or filter light and helps conserve energy. This type of blind is available in 15 or more attractive colours.

There are many aspects to keep in mind as you choose from custom blinds manudurah, how to design your rooms. If your windows are wider and offer a sweeping view of the outdoor, you can consider vertical blinds. This type of blind is also ideal for picture windows or for sliding glass doors.

If your windows are narrower and taller, you may want to create an illusion of them being larger by installing wider horizontal blinds. No matter whether you choose the vertical or horizontal blinds, you can leave them either open for letting the light in or closed if you want privacy. They are ideal to be installed in bedrooms and bathrooms.

Custom blinds do require a lot of effort, in terms of maintenance. The slats attract a lot of dirt and dust and must be periodically cleaned. If you are looking for specific style and versatility, there is a wide range of interesting shades in place of blinds. Shades also offer homeowners an opportunity to use various fabric weight, patterns and textures to create different moods and looks.

To get a perfect custom fit of shades or blinds for your windows, it is imperative to measure the windows perfectly before you place your order. Use the right measuring tape to measure exactly you want your shade or blind to be.

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Drop into Custom Blinds WA's south showroom and take your time in choosing the right type of blind, that is based on your specific preference and needs. Or contact us today and a member of our friendly team will be in touch to guide you through your options.


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